Style post|| Stripe Season

I was going through a typical writers block situation which I’ve not experienced in a long while on monday which explains the reason I couldn’t draft any dose of my weekly inspirational nuggets but I beg to differ, the writer’s block came through because of the euphoria and extreme happiness mixed with bursts of laughter surrounding this style post. I’ve not had any of my style episodes this month and I’m beyond excited to think or focus properly on work and I couldn’t wait to share this moment with y’all. the feeling is unexplainable but i can try, imagine how you would feel on a monday morning wearing your lazy clothes, having a bucket of cold stone ice cream with dominos pizza for breakfast watching the ‘Good wife’ without any worries of NEPA taking light, that feeling could try to explain the height of my excitement but it doesn’t stop there though.

It’s stripe sartorial for summer but those of you in Nigeria can get a dose of this before walking back in shame to your rainy season. Ok scratch that part, I’m glad but not too happy to be in Nigeria when life is slowly passing me by in Houston, Texas. I’m beginning to have allergies to anything related to Nigeria, lord if this is a sign, direct me lord to my destiny helpers.

For the style post today, it’s all about the classic stripes. I would have preferred a baggy knee stripped washed denim for this post but unfortunately this is what I could find and eventually settled for. My striped shirt is from an ex-boyfriend, literally his lol and this shirt style could be achieved using a maxi other than the size you would wear originally. I look forward to showing you some other ways you could style your maxi shirt soon.I also paired with a sandals, my mom’s hand me down purse and this super cool glasses I bought on the road side which I felt cheated with. Arrghh!! This part won’t dare spoil my mood because this shoot was fun all through. I also got stares and I hope it was worth their while for a Monday morning. Though the devil came through that morning almost preventing this shoot from happening by running down my camera batteries, I’m glad my phone helped and this came out really good.

Let’s get interactive, share your thoughts on this. Would you try this one shoulder shirt style? Where would you wear this to? Drop your comment!! XOXO


7 thoughts on “Style post|| Stripe Season

  1. Fine Lady!Nice outfit. One shoulder shirt is not made for me though …compulsory brastrap reasons. Lol.
    Your jeans is very nice,unfortunately im usually jealous of those that can get perfect jeans at first trial.


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