2017: Fashion Round Up 1

Fashion in 2017 was eccentric, electrical, weird, memorable and more so challenging. I remember we started with the vintage and we’re also kinda ending this year with some memorable fashion come backs like the beret and waist bags that found their way back to the fashion scene. My major memories of these two is from the sitcom “sister sister”. Those twin sisters had my sense of fashion as I could imagine myself then wearing those pieces in every episode. Joan Akob from curly Christian girl wrote something similar on 2017 fashion round up so I got major inspiration from her to curate this post but I’d  be taking this bit by bit and maybe not all but the style that caught me drooling this year will be featured and restyled by me.

For the first post on this category, I will be styling the most ridiculous fashion comebacks which is the waist bag. If a prophet told me this would happen in 2017, I would have as well labeled that prophet a fake one from hell because this absolutely took me by surprise. I mean who would have thought that the same waist bag that Nelly wore in that music video with Kelly Rowland feeling all cool as far back as 2000 will comeback almost ten years later to become an absolute fashion statement. Yes, waist bags are synonymous with American wanna bees landing in Nigeria for the first time after ten years trying to prove to their villagers as well as the kindred meeting that the land they sold to Send them to the United States was not a total waste.

NYSC has also put a dent in this by making the waist bag one of the citizens of Nigeria like hell when I went shopping for this bag, every shop stop was asking when I’m leaving for camp  I had to lie at some point that I’m going soon so they could give me some peace. I got this at N600 which was higher than my budget though.
Styling this is a no brainer for just anyone cause all you have to do is clinche it to your waist and you’re good to go but I’ve also seen some oversabi people hang it round their neck which I must admit gives a cool effect.

If you’re active on instagram, you should have also noticed this white retro glasses styled by my favourite bloggers on the planet including cassie davesifeoma Amadi and grace alex. I didn’t get the exact one I wanted though as I’ve searched endlessly for it and my stingy self couldn’t buy from one of these instagram vendors so I bought a makeshift from the road side for N500.

My irresistible love for denim everything filtered in this style paired with a stripe shirt and this pair of thrifted mules (details below)


  • strip shirt: Marks and Spencer
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Denim: Basic

What’s your thought on the waistbag and retroglasses? In what better way could you have styled it asides from mine? Is it a gotta have it or make it stop? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.



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