Style Post|| Fashion Round Up 2

Last week, I started the 2017 fashion round up on all fashion items and accessories that made the fashion scene beautiful and more so adorable. The waist bag, mules and white retro frames made it to the blog last week (click here to read incase you missed it) but this week it’s all about the transparent heels.

I noticed this heels first in late 2016 on Kim Kardashian and you know how expensive it would be when the Kardashians are found wearing it literally everything they wear is expensive. This shoes cost not less than N15,000 last year and this year God saved me from the hands of overpriced online vendors. Allow me to drift from this topic and rant a little. I have few questions for intending online retailers and those in the business. Why do you want to get rich in few months instead of running your business on genuineness and utmost fulfillment on the happiness of your clients? but no that’s not your concern,  you’d rather scam everybody on one item almost making twice the cost price and they’re priding themselves as good business people while they are criminals.

I almost fell in the trap of one of them in the case of buying a transparent heel. She told me the price was N7000, I tried persuading her into reducing the price but she didn’t budge. So I decide to go to the popular “Ochanja” Market in Onitsha, Anambra State. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I bought these red bottoms for N5000. I know you’d argue that an additional cost of stress and transport should be added but if I add all of this, the selling price won’t be up to that N7000 I was told.

Well, I feel better now after letting all that bitterness out. Now back to the regular,

This transparent heels graced the 2017 red carpet and this beauty can be worn with anything. I love it because it’s so versatile. You can throw it in with casual, corporate, dinner, street style attitude and it would still stand out. It comes in different styles and sizes; boots, sandals but I’m yet to see them in court heels (I know it will be so nice).

I know consecutively for two fashion round-up,  you have seen me in denim dresses but it’s not intentional, I actually wanted to switch things up a little bit but my love for denim came knocking again when I saw this dress put up for sale on the allshadesofdenim instagram account. I was compelled to get this dress but be ye not deceived as this dress didn’t come as this. It was an “A” line dress when it was put up but felt it would look better on me if it’s fitted.

Who else gets confused with their dress sizes? I hope this is not a problem as I don’t know if am a size 8 or 6 or 10. I just follow my wrong instincts when it comes to shopping and it gets me every time.

I recommend allshadesofdenim everyday just because I think they have the most excellent customer service which I’ve not quite had with most online vendors. She answered all my stupid questions with no hesitation even when I asked why she will charge N2000 for delivery.


Denim dress: all shades of denim

Shoes and strawed hat: An open market

What’s your thought on transparent heels? Make it stop or is it a fashion hit? How would you style these heels? Do you prefer the transparent boots or sandals?


4 thoughts on “Style Post|| Fashion Round Up 2

  1. Omo see fine figure😍😍
    B?Beautiful roundup…. I think it was just me that didn’t get wowed by the transparent shoes trends this year though. I love denim everytime so your gown caught my eye.
    Instagram shops are overrated, most of the times they have the best of stuff but the price scares a cheapie like me away. 2k for delivery…say wetin??? God needs to save me from this broklyn situation oo.


    • O my darling!! You’ve been such a wonderful inspiration through this my blogging year. You’ve honestly kept me on my foot.

      Lol, notice how this went from replying your comment to a thankful comment.

      Amen to that prayer. God would definitely turn things around.

      Liked by 1 person

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